I don’t know about you, but magazines seem to mark a new level of development in my life. A few years ago I would go and buy the latest computer gaming magazine. I could always get a CD with the latest demo of the “cool” games and give them a try. Plus you had the latest commentary on what was happening. What games was coming out, cheats, and guides to not only beat the game, but find all the hidden secrets.Then I pulled away from the computer games and found myself loving spy novels and fictional books about world politics. So I took the next best step and started reading the news magazines. Rarely would a week go by when I would not go and buy the latest issue of Times or Newsweek. I had to keep myself up-to-date on current affairs of the country and world, because you never know what is really going on, or so I thought.Over time though I found I was gaining some weight. Ouch, that was a sad moment for me. So I need to start exercising, so of course, where is the next place I go for support and ideas, magazines? Where else can I find the next big tips about how to lose weight, build muscle, and look great. Inside I would find new exercises and techniques put forth by professionals who knew what they were doing. Added to the articles were the pictures of these mammoths with huge muscles swarmed by good look women. I mean lets be honest, if that doesn’t give you motivation to get to in shape, then I don’t know what does.Of course I also see all the gadget magazines, and those I can’t pass up. See some new fighter jet on the cover and you just have to know what is up with that. Or you’ll see the new car with advance GPS, sound system the will blow your mind away (and your ears drums), and some advanced system so high tech that only 12 year olds and rocket scientist can operate it. How can I possible let that pass by me.That is how it has been for me, I want so much more. The next level just builds on from the last. Leaving the ever pressing question, which magazine will give pull me on to the next level of development.

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